Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Childish DreaM...!!!

once a child saw a bright star shinning in the sky.Even there were a lot of other stars in the sky she found herself only among them so bright & attractive.she started herself to peep the star each & every day.days passed & she also felt herself more closer to the star.poor little child never knew that the star was so high & was too far from her little hands.even with knowing herself her inner mind started wishing for that star to be her own.later she felt that the star smiling & looking at her.

But did the star ever did this?

Once she stood raising her little hands up in to the sky.She closed her beautiful little eyes & made her hands to the angle of the star.She slowly opened her eyes & to her excitement she found her dream star in her sweet little hands.She enjoyed a lot & she was not at all able to believe it."poor little" girl didn't knew that her dream star was still in the sky without any movement & her little hands was empty.But all her thoughts was that the star was on her little hands. But what to say her beautiful eyes may have cheated her.Still the little girl strongly believed in her imaginations.

As days went ....years passed & the little girl started to grow..............
As she grew she might have knew about the reality of her childish DREAM.

This Story is actually written by robin... and I'm publishing this here only due to his request


Anonymous said...

sUCks man..biG tYMe.......
-anand !

Abraham said...

Damn...wasted !!!