Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Platform No:2

The time is now 10 pm. I am waiting for Ernakulam Banglore Express in platform No:2 at thrissur station. No one is there with me.. I have no company... I feel very much boared.. Any way i had to wait there for some moments... so I searched for a seat.. No way.. all the seats where occupied... I saw a pulling cart is in rest there beside the wast basket, so I headed there... I took my seat on the cart.. but suddenly I heard the announcement... that the train is late for about one hour... I got shocked... need to wait there an hour more... I don't know how to kill the rest of time.. But time is still killing me...

I started to observe what's happening there around me... I found many cute boys, girls and families where walking through the platform. I found two girls where sitting there in the chair... One of them just opened the bag and took out two boxes.. It is nothing else, their dinner only... they opened the boxes and started... Oh it's chicken biriyani... That seen made me too hungry.. But I controlled my self, because i hate the food from the station.. So i Ignored that sight..
There is no cool breeze.. No sweet melody... Only some bad noise... I really hate the situation. Anyway i had to adapt... So i slowly closed my eyes...

After sometimes I heard the sound of a little baby.. I just opened my eye... I saw a family there... where's that girls..? might gone.. Okey the baby cute. Got lovely face.. she is disturbing her mother. Her mother is sometime scolding the baby.. It's good to hear her kiddy cries and laughs..

Once more I felt sleepy and I just closed my eyes... I can hear the baby is crying. I slowly adapted to the damped situation. The rain is getting stronger and stronger, but still my loneliness is killing me..

After a while I heard a man is shouting.. I felt it is too close to me. I opened my eyes... I saw a dirty man is sitting beside.. Oh god he is scolding someone and searching for some thing in the waste basket. Atlast he found it... He took two boxes and opened it.. found some wast food... that girls might left it there.. And I'm shock to see it.. The man started to eat that waste.. The mad beggar might be hungry. While eating also he's scolding the people passing by the way.. All of a sudden he finished 2 box of waste food.. and started to search again in it.. Found one more... got finished that too.. I feel sad to see the happenings in front of me. I noticed the mad man is crying sometimes.. Then he finished his duty there. He got up.. I'm Once again shocked... the man's got only one leg. And he started to move from there.. towards the next waste bin.

The mad man's face started to disturb my mind.. the disturbing thoughts made me freeze.. I relaxed.. closed my I eyes.. Now I can feel cool breeze... I can hear some melodies.. I don't know why the feeling are different now..

Hmm.... the train is arrived... Got in... Got seat.. Train started to move... It really boring without my dudes... What Can i do to kill the time...? Okey, let me kill my self.. Started smoking, smoking and smoking

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Attention Smokers..!!!!

Hi friends.. I'm back again.. The last week I'm out of blogger because of some busy stuffs.. Today I'm free and like to write something here... Hmmm.. Last week I found nothing strange to share here with you all.. Anyway, now what should I write here...? Hmmm.. My own love story..? No... way.. It might make my readers and me unhappy... Ohh god I can't imagine that..

Actually I used to write here true stories and articles about.... the present and day to day happenings in my life and society.. Yes I got it now... It's all about smoking...

Hello my dear smoking friends.... Did anybody of my friends stopped smoking..? Have you heard about the new rule against public smoking..? Be careful... Avoid the public smoking, the police is behind you...

Some of my friends are not even bothered about the new rules... they are still smoking in public places.... Some others are not smoking in public but they used to smoke in some lonely corners, behind the tea stall, under the bridge etc... Anyway I'm a good boy now, because I have stopped smoking 2 weeks before.. it is not due to the new rule. I made a promise on Neeraj's head that I will never smoke... If it happens his head will explode.. I Know his head carries lots of my old promises which i gave him during the school days.. Ohh God, I know one day his head will explode with a load noise or sometimes on a rainy night a big thunder will land on his head... OKey, wait and see what's going to happen...

Ohh my dear smokers... back to the matter... Here I would like to tell you one thing. Please try to stop your bad habit. I don't know whether you hear my words or not. But I know one thing.... Some of my stupid dudes will suddenly stop smoking when their girl friends says... I know many guys are sometimes getting kisses for stopping the smoking. If they got bored of kisses they restart smoking... and like that goes on stopping.. starting.. stopping... starting etc etc.....

I know all my smoking dudes do know the bad effects of smoking... But they are not really cared about it.. All guys have their own reason for smoking. But I would like to tell you guys... You just think of some bad effects of smoking and pick the one which you fear the most. And make it a reason for stopping your habit of smoking..It is So easy.. Try it... And please add some more beautiful days to your short life.....!!!

Attention Smokers:

I'm not here for making awareness to the whole world... This is only for a few dudes of mine used to smoke daily in front of me,...
So will you stop smoking today..?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stunts To Impress Beauties..

Yesterday, after blood donation I take rest for a couple of hours... After a long sleep I got a call from my friend Roni. I got surprised because he's calling me after a long gap. The matter is that I have to help him for the shooting of his short film... The stars and actors are all my beloved dudes only.. Roni came home to pick me in his new safari dicor.. The location for the shooting is suji's home.. So he took me to there. I saw the full gang is waiting there for me. After sometimes we started the shooting and its continued for two hours... The shoot is finished around 7.30. After that Me suji and neeraj went to Neeraj's home. I saw neeraj's mom there and chatted for a while.. After that we planed to hang out anywhere. So we moved to the town. Restaurants and shops where all closed due to Eid. Then we went to our usual place, the corner of Nethaji ground. We parked our bikes a bit far from us and all of us sat on the small wall beside the ground..

We are sitting there half minded, because sometimes police might come there.. If they see us sitting there late night it will be a problem.

Some of my guys wanted to smoke right there in the public because that's the last night that they can smoke in public. Tomorrow onwards police will charge fine for it. So they started smoking cigarette there. As I stopped smoking, me not lighted it.. while smoking we talked about the funny things happened in the shooting location...

A pack of cigarette if finished there, my guys are happy to enjoy the freedom of public smoking for the last time here.. Now the time is 9.30, we found two teen girls walking on the road. Wow they are good looking. Our eyes where stunned, It's a rare sight.. Usually girls are not used to pass that way during this time.. Our beard suji made comments to attract their attention. And he started to walk towards them, by the way he stopped.. he returned to us because he found some people is following the girls.. Ohh, it's no one else their small brother and parents only.. Ohh shit.. beard suji felt ashamed when their parents saw him..

Now they reached near our bikes. The small boy is very much thrilled to see our new Yamaha R15. He stayed there for a movement looking and touching on our bikes.. he might be crazy on bikes...He called his sisters near to him.. We can see the boy is telling something to his sisters in a happy mood. We know they are talking about our bikes only. And one of the girl caught one and of her brother and asked to come with them..

We are almost thrilled by seeing these two beauty teens here.. So my guys are now thinking for a nice plan to impress the cute girls. And I got the good plan. I asked my dudes to makes stunts on our bike so that we can definitely catch their attention. All dudes agreed to me and we started our bikes.. First we made a decent race in the road, After that we made loud noise by accelerating the engine.. Yes, we made it.. they where looking on us.. we got their attention. So one by one started to show their skills there to catch their attention.. Neeraj made stoppees in front of the girls four or five times..Suji made four long wheelies in front of them.. I can see the girls are watching our stunts curiously... they really impressed I think.. Yes, I can see light smiles on their beautiful faces. Their small brother is laughing.. He got very much excited.. as he is a bike lover.. The parents are in a different mood I think, they might frigthened by seeing our stunts... We made all this in between their 800meter walk to the junction... We stopped our stunts when he reached the junction..

After a small drag... we splitted to our homes.. Now i'm Sitting in the back of black Karizma, Suji is riding it.. We both are very happy today, because we got the girls attention... From there he ride in a stunning speed of 120Km/Hr.. Neeraj is chasing us.. But he failed to catch.. After that they dropped me in my home went to their houses..

Is that girls really impressed on us..? Will tell this incident to their friends..? Will they smile on us when they see us anywhere..?

Hai my dear friends... I think we boys don't have to take this much risk to attract these silly girls... They are always attracted towards us.. But they are not bold to look in to our eye, they are not honest enough to open their mind towards us...Am I right........? expecting comments form boys and girls....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'M GREAT...!!!!

Today is the National Blood Donor Day of India and the great Eid festival day too.... my Muslim friends are very happy and satisfied as they successfully finished their 30 days Fasting.. Even though I'm a little tired, I'm very happy too.. Because Today I utilized the chance to donate my blood...

As a part of the national blood donor day, a camp for free blood checkup and donation is held in my village. While I'm sitting in my home I heard an announcement--- The blood donation camp will start at sharp 9 o clock and the people who are ready to donate blood should be assembled in front of kairali auditorium in the village... I looked up the clock... Its 8.30 now... the food is still not ready in my home.. I asked amma to cook something quick... Okey then its ready.. I had 3 chappathy

At sharp Nine I reached in the auditorium... There's no crowd there, so i went inside. I saw a doctor and 4 nurses there, I inquired when it will be starting. they replied me it will start within a few minutes. Okey now I'm waiting here outside the auditorium. I saw some of my friends there, so i headed towards them and stared to chat. Some of friends here are just visitors. they are not donating blood, they told me that they are afride. Silly guys... I made pressure on them but no way...

Yes, the program is started now.. I heard the announcement.... So i went in to the auditorium. I saw about twenty people where waiting there to donate blood. A nurse approached and gave me a form to fill up. I go through it an filled up some information about me.. After that I registered my name there and gave the form there.. After that my name is called up.. So I went there, a nurse there checked up my blood group and made some tests using my blood.. it's Okey... My group is AB+

Now I'm ready to donate my blood and I'm waiting... Yes my name is called there, I went there.. I asked to rest in the bed there, I do so.. After some time a nurse come to me.. I just felt a light pain while she injected the needle on my right hand. But its Okey.. I can feel the blood is flowing from my body.. I feel a light pain too... After a ten or fifteen min it's finished... The nurse took off the needle and put a peice of cotton over the area.. And She took my blood to another room...

So I'm very much proud now... I have done a great thing.... Sometimes the blood I donated will save somebodies life... Thank god for giving me a chance to save a life...

My dear friends please do not hesitate to donate blood to the needy....

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Childish DreaM...!!!

once a child saw a bright star shinning in the sky.Even there were a lot of other stars in the sky she found herself only among them so bright & attractive.she started herself to peep the star each & every day.days passed & she also felt herself more closer to the star.poor little child never knew that the star was so high & was too far from her little hands.even with knowing herself her inner mind started wishing for that star to be her own.later she felt that the star smiling & looking at her.

But did the star ever did this?

Once she stood raising her little hands up in to the sky.She closed her beautiful little eyes & made her hands to the angle of the star.She slowly opened her eyes & to her excitement she found her dream star in her sweet little hands.She enjoyed a lot & she was not at all able to believe it."poor little" girl didn't knew that her dream star was still in the sky without any movement & her little hands was empty.But all her thoughts was that the star was on her little hands. But what to say her beautiful eyes may have cheated her.Still the little girl strongly believed in her imaginations.

As days went ....years passed & the little girl started to grow..............
As she grew she might have knew about the reality of her childish DREAM.

This Story is actually written by robin... and I'm publishing this here only due to his request

Monday, September 29, 2008

What's love?

When you are together with that special someone, you pretend to ignore
that person. But when that special someone is not around, you might look around
to find them.
At that moment, you are in love.

Although there is someone else who always makes you laugh,
your eyes and attention might go only to that special someone.
Then, you are in love.

Although that special someone was supposed to have called you long back,
to let you know of their safe arrival,
your phone is quiet.
You are desperately waiting for the call!
At that moment, you are in love.

If you are much more excited for one short e-mail from
that special someone than other many long e-mails,
you are in love.

When you find yourself as one who cannot erase all the
emails or SMS messages in your phone because of one message
from that special someone, you are in love.

When you get a couple of free movie tickets, you would
not hesitate to think of that special someone.
Then, you are in love.

You keep telling yourself, "that special someone is just a friend",but
you realize that you can not avoid that person's special attraction. At that
moment, you are in love.

While you are reading this Blog, if someone
appears in your mind,
then u are in love with that person...;))

Okey, Comment me.. Is it working..? who's that person..?