Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Childish DreaM...!!!

once a child saw a bright star shinning in the sky.Even there were a lot of other stars in the sky she found herself only among them so bright & attractive.she started herself to peep the star each & every day.days passed & she also felt herself more closer to the star.poor little child never knew that the star was so high & was too far from her little hands.even with knowing herself her inner mind started wishing for that star to be her own.later she felt that the star smiling & looking at her.

But did the star ever did this?

Once she stood raising her little hands up in to the sky.She closed her beautiful little eyes & made her hands to the angle of the star.She slowly opened her eyes & to her excitement she found her dream star in her sweet little hands.She enjoyed a lot & she was not at all able to believe it."poor little" girl didn't knew that her dream star was still in the sky without any movement & her little hands was empty.But all her thoughts was that the star was on her little hands. But what to say her beautiful eyes may have cheated her.Still the little girl strongly believed in her imaginations.

As days went ....years passed & the little girl started to grow..............
As she grew she might have knew about the reality of her childish DREAM.

This Story is actually written by robin... and I'm publishing this here only due to his request

Monday, September 29, 2008

What's love?

When you are together with that special someone, you pretend to ignore
that person. But when that special someone is not around, you might look around
to find them.
At that moment, you are in love.

Although there is someone else who always makes you laugh,
your eyes and attention might go only to that special someone.
Then, you are in love.

Although that special someone was supposed to have called you long back,
to let you know of their safe arrival,
your phone is quiet.
You are desperately waiting for the call!
At that moment, you are in love.

If you are much more excited for one short e-mail from
that special someone than other many long e-mails,
you are in love.

When you find yourself as one who cannot erase all the
emails or SMS messages in your phone because of one message
from that special someone, you are in love.

When you get a couple of free movie tickets, you would
not hesitate to think of that special someone.
Then, you are in love.

You keep telling yourself, "that special someone is just a friend",but
you realize that you can not avoid that person's special attraction. At that
moment, you are in love.

While you are reading this Blog, if someone
appears in your mind,
then u are in love with that person...;))

Okey, Comment me.. Is it working..? who's that person..?

Saturday, September 27, 2008


'Swayamvara' is an old fashion of marriage system practiced in India. The system is used to practice in rich palaces and with in the families of kings. The daughter king can marry any one who is registered for the marriage. But yesterday, its happened in my city. But the music not sounds here... laughs are silent... The happiness is only conveyed through actions...

Yesterday the association of deaf in Thrissur district sponsored a swayamvara marriage ceremony on behalf of the International day for deaf. About five hundred deaf youngsters where registered for the swayamvara... The parents of the deaf introduced about themselves and their family situations in an open stage. If someone is ready to marry their child, they can make proposal.. So from the proposals, the girl has the right to choose the man who suites right for her...

In the occasion, four parties got mutual understanding and married there itself... About 75 where exchanged their astrobooks.. Two parties here is ready to marry here crossing the barriers of their religion and cast.. The presence of many great personalities made the program more sensational and attractive. Anyway I wish a happy married life for the deaf couples...

Buffalo to Please God

Yesterday, after uploading my blog and wile reading mails I got a phone call from Neeraj. He asked me come to hotel Joy Palace for lunch. He said our full gang is there with him. I replied him I will reach there right there and disconnected the phone. Oh god there's no time to waste... , it's the time for the lunch. So I dressed up quick, started my bike... Fast and faster in hurry...

I reached Hotel Joy Palace... but I can't see my guys there. I proposed to call them... Ohh shit... I forgot to take my cell phone in that hurry.. my god what can i do now... I searched for my purse, shit... shit.. shit.... I can't believe this.. it's also missing.. Okey... I relaxed and started from there, Then I searched for my guys in our usual places. At last on the way I got Vysak and preshil on a yellow Karizma. I followed them and headed to Mototech.. Neeraj's R15 had to clear some problems.. I met my guys there and lighted a cigarette there. After that with the permission of my guys I returned to my home to take my cell phone and purse.

When I reached I saw my whole family is having lunch, So I too had lunch in my home. After the lunch while sitting in front of my home I heard some horrible noise.... So I had to take a look outside.

Wow... Whats that....? I can see four legs and two horns, I thought it might be a cow or an Ox.. It is running in a zigzag manner on the road. I got a clear look when it reached in front of my home... Yes It's a Buffalo... It's awesome to see that.. The buffalo is in full make up with flowers over the neck, glittering yellow cloths an the back and indecently decorated with red flowers too... But a crowd of people is running behind the buffalo, I think they are running towards the temple. Whats the matter...?

I really not getting whats going on here. Then I garbed into my home and asked amma what's going there in temple and why buffaloes and people where running towards the temple

Amma said me today is 16th Makam (In malayalam calender), after Onam people used to celebrate it. She added there will be buffalo race and many other religious programs in the ground in front of the temple. I thought I should definitely go and see the programs. The buffalo race is the main attraction of the program and they are doing so to please god only.. So my all other programs where postponed. Okey, let's got there....

I reached the ground in front of the temple, there i found lot of my local friends. Among them Arun and Nikhil gave a good company there. We moved to the other side where the buffaloes where tied. It is over there beside the temple. there i can see buffaloes are tied to near by trees and posts. Ohh.. and now I saw that strange seen.. Somebody is giving liquor to the buffaloes Oh god some of the buffaloes where drinking that without any resistance.liquor I asked my friends why they are doing so... they said it's a usual procedure before the buffaloes getting in to the race.. The buffaloes will go mad after drunk . So i wait there to see whats going to happen next.

Now, big crowd is here in the ground. I saw two other decorated stages there. I went there to see whats there. Ohh... one is the temple of back cast people and other is the place for buffalo race. there is a statue of some god in the center of that stage... Buffaloes might be running around it... Okey wait and see.

Wow... come back to the buffaloes They are in good mood now. They are trying to escape from the ties. Btu they can't because the ties are very strong. Buffaloes are jumping and making big noise with in there. I got hayride to see that situation so i stepped back to some distance and started to take some snaps....

Ohh.. whats that ..? someone is trying to boost up the buffalo... Ohh god I think that guy got great courage .... He is pulling the tail of the buffalo.. Wow buffalo is jumping with pain.. Now some more guys trying to hurt the buffalo.. Ohh god I can't see this act any more. I just stayed back ..

I saw there is a crowd over the stage in front of the small temple of scheduled cast people. I then moved to there. Here the programs are started. I just garbed in to the crowd and got a place to stay. I got a clear picture now. There are some tribes dancing around the small statue of a Devi... And some others where singing some folk songs and playing drums and a small clarinet. The dance steps are followed by the rhythm of folk song. That dance continued fro about an hour . I got good snaps of th

at art form too...

After the dance is over the artists and the common people moved to another stage. There also they continued their dance. And here the time comes for the buffalo race... I can see many of the villagers where trying to control the buffaloes The buffaloes are out of control now.... I got some awesome snaps of the race... One of the buffalo headed towards me... I too run for a small distance. But nothing happened to me ... Some buffaloes ran in to the crowd and injured many villagers. After that the situation became ugly, Then some of the buffaloes where controlled and some escaped from there to the near by field... thus the race is finished...

Now, I feel relaxed... I tanked god for saving me.. Thus the buffalo race is over and awards where given to the owners of buffaloes. And it is the time to disperse. I saw a woman injured was crying there.. She is taken to the hospital in a jeep.

All crowd was disappeared... Me and friends then headed towards the tall banyan tree in the ground. We all took seat under it and started chatting. By the way, a man came to us, introduced himself, that he is a photographer of a newspaper. But he failed to take photos of the program. He asked me to show the snaps that i took using my mobile cam. Okey then i showed it.. he then copied 3 snaps from my phone and said will be published in tomorrows newspaper.

Then the next day I walk up early and i grabbed to get the newspaper... I searched all pages of the newspaper, but no way.. It's not in the news paper.

Hai friends..

By this blog , I would like to turn your attention towards the cruel acts on animals going on in our society.. Just think about it and do something to save animals.. And I need your valued comments, So please write your comments here..... please....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good Luck To Spartan...!!!!

Yesterday, as usual our gang gathered in our usual meeting place. And I'm in a different mood at that time, just thinking about writing tomorrows blog. Because nothing special happened yet to write for tomorrow. I told my friends about my blog and asked them to read and leave their comments over here.. But instead of commenting here most of them are writting comments in my scrap book only... It's okey no problem but I'm happy to know they loved it..

Around 5 'O' Clock evening my gang jumped in to "burger king" and had a regular chicken burger. While we are chatting, Neeraj asked Spartan to tell his old love story... Okey now I'm happy.. I thought i will get something to write in my blog now.. But Spartan said he is not in good mood, he cant tell his story sitting here... Okey, then our gang shifted to Bridge road........

Bridge Road is a good location. It's a small bridge up on a small stream beside a number of Large paddy field. It's very peaceful location and nobody will come there to disturb us. Our gang used to go there for smoking and drinking only... Okey, Come back to the matter.. Now Spartan got good mood here and he started.. We all are just sitting silently around him...

Spartan's love story is a little confusing. Because, not only spartan but two others also got crush on her. They are also sitting here with us. Spartan continued the story from his view. But the others sitting here opposed in some situations in the story and i got a little difficult to understand..

Anyway spartan told the story from his side, and all of us feel very sad after hearing it. It is actually very much emotional.. Spartan is not giving me the permission to write the story here... I think I can write spartan's love story in some other day..

The whole picture of spartan in mind is changed after hearing his story. He is very much talkative and smart, So until hearing his real story I don't know he had got so innocent heart which anyone can tear it easily... But this poor fellow has earned and lost many things just to make her love him. I think that girl only inspired him to go higher. Now the poor Spartan got a bike and a good job too... I wish Spartan to go higher and higher. And I'm sure definitly there's a girl waiting for you in some corner of the world. So find it out.GOOD LUCK SPARTAN !!!

Tunes Of Love

Yesterday, My friends made me to imagine some thing different about love. So my mind started to work for something strange or imaginary on a real love.. And i got it, THE TUNE OF LOVE.... Here it goes..

Yesterday, Robin came to pick me up from my home in neeraj's Yamaha R15.. We both started our bike ride in an average speed of 80km/h. I don't know where this guy is taking me to, So that i asked where we are going. He replied me to shut up as he is in a hurry. By the way he asked me for the time in several intervals. I replied him with very much curiosity, thinking that he might tell me were we are going to... But no way. He made cuts and blades in heavy traffic at M.G.Road. At last we reached there....

The location is a shopping complex at Stadium road and in front of Christ college. We parked the bike and went upstairs to the top of the complex..Then Robin disclosed the suspense to me that we are going to see his "Lover". With pleasure in my mind and curiosity in my face we both were waiting for the bell ringing in the college. As our position is directly opposite to the college building we can se her while stepping down down the stairs...

Okey lets wait and see what is going to happen. But there is still a doubt disturbing me very much.. So i asked Robin, Why can't we wait at the gate of the college..? so that we can talk to her and even go to nearby restaurants or anywhere els.. For that he answered me that it will be a problem if anybody noticed them talking to and standing together.. because some days before they where caught by some of her relatives, and she is warned that her sudies will be stopped if they notice her talking to robin...

Then I started to enquire more about her and their relationship. When it is started.....? Where it is started...? how it is ..? etc... Robin started to answer for my questions.. And I find a small cute love story here... A Pleasing "TUNE OF LOVE"

Khadheeja (name's changed) and Robin where studying in same class in same school. During school days they where thick friends. And they both fall in love continuation of a good friendship.. And the tune of their love is very very kiddy at that time.. And the nature of their tune is expressions, emotions and feelings... Robin says He can see the at most love for him her cute eyes.... I dont know is it true or not.. But i got hurry to see her... Okey I'm Waiting patiently...

And its the time now, the bell is ringing there in the college.. The classes were dispersed.. gangs of boys and girls where coming from the classes in undisciplined manner... I can see Many beauty queens where stepping down the stairs... Oops... some of the girls where looking at us.. I'm really enjoying a single moment staying there... I noticed that some girls are laughing at us... They might be making fun of us... Anyway i noticed Robin's eyes where locked up some where.. I enquired if he find her... Yes he got her.. But i can't see her.. where's she..? Then Robin asked me to notice a girl wearing a maftha (cloth used by Muslim girls to cover the hair) Yes.. now I too got her.. Awesome, I think robin is really lucky..

She really got awesome eyes ... now while walking also her eyes are on Robin.. And sometimes she 's smiling at him too... Great.... this TUNE OF LOVE is entirely different i think... Yes I'm right.. i know love has its own tune... it differs in different minds. But i haven't seen such a nice TUNE OF LOVE in life before. I'm So embarrassed to see the situation in front of my eyes. Realy i cant believe my eyes... I have seen such nice tunes only in some old movies..

Now some of you can imagine the situation. I will tell you how... The situation is like the song in the Tamil movie 'subrahmaniyapuram' (Kangal irandal...) got it..? Just imagine that a girl is looking through her corner eyes with a light smile .... Yes it is ... The same thing happened here... Her white maftha covering added innocence to her sweet smile too...

We got Only one minute to see her. But I'm sure this couple don't need any more time... They have shared all their love, feeling and emotions through a special TUNE OF LOVE.......!

This thirty minute with Robin made me to Imagine something different ON love..... So now I'm searching for the Best TUNES OF LOVE...

Hey friends try yourself.... Think about your love... Then if it is your real love, you can here a tune, a special TUNE OF LOVE....! so you can realize what I meant by "TUNE OF LOVE" And you must tell me what's the tune of your love...
I need Your Comments... So Please write to me....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My 1st Blog

MY First Blog....!
HIiii... This is my first blog... And I like to dedicate this to My inspire r Mrs.EM...
Well, I don't have any kind of experiences in writing blog before.. I only come to know about blog by reading an article about Mrs.eM in a famous Magazine. After that I regularly used to peep to her blog spot "the compulsive Confessor".. then I became a Great fan of her. But at that time i dont know how to create a blog and what it is used for.. Yesterday one of my friend only helped me to create a profile for me even though I'm a Engg student still I'm a kid infront of internet...
I konw this is not enough for the readers to know me better. I promise i will continue writting more for you in comming days. And I wish Mrs.EM should be the 1st person to read my 1st blog..... Lots of Tanx by Mr. Boobooooooo.......!